Parish Office Hours

Monday                    9:00am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday                   9:00am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday               9:00am - 5:00 pm
Thursday                12:30pm - 5:00 pm
Friday - Sunday               CLOSED       


Rev. Christopher Shackelford   

Email id  standrew7067@comcast.net    281-452-9865 ext 12 

Deacon/Director of Liturgy/RICA
Javier Gomez  
Email id  
dcngomez@standrewchurch.net  281-452-9865 ext 15 

Deacon/Pastoral Assistant/RCIA
Michael L. Muench 
Email id  dcnmichael@standrewchurch.net     281-452-9865 ext 17

Parish Administrator
Lindsay Schlegel

Email id  acc7067@standrewchurch.net   281-452-9865 ext 20

Office Assistant
Maria Olmedo
Email id 
de7067@standrewchurch.net   281-452-9865 ext 16

Office Assistant
Veronica Tijerina
Email id  standrew7067@comcast.net    281-452-9865 ext 11

Pastoral Planning
Hazel Lintag

 Email id  hml7067@standrewchurch.net     281-452-9865 ext 14

Director of Religious Education 
Ninfa Muench
Email id  cce7067@standrewchurch.net    281-452-9865 ext 21

Co-Director of Religious Education/First Communion 
Maggie Lopez

Email id  co-cce7067@comcast.net    281-452-9865 ext 13   

Director of Youth Ministry
Stephanie Ruiz     Email id  ym7067@standrewchurch.net     281-452-9865 ext 18

OEC Assistant
Neddie Gonzales
Email id  ngonzales7067@comcast.net  281-452-9865 ext 19

Parish Safe Environment Coordinator
Esveida Martinez
Email id  virtus.standrew@gmail.com 281-452-9865 ext 10

 Facilities Coordinator
Benjamin Lintag
Email id  bcl7067@comcast.net

Maintenance Engineer
Raymond Hernandez
Email id  rhernandez@standrewchurch.net

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