The ACTS Missions spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Catholic communities
by promoting, consulting, facilitating, and sponsoring ACTS retreats.
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St. Andrew's CORE Team

Facilitator:                                Jose Jimenez, jimenezjl75@gmail.com 
Co-Facilitator:                           Melissa Ornelas, melissa.mornelas@gmail.com 
Financial Coordinator:                Pedro Verduzco, elgallero85@gmail.com                 
Retreat Support Coordinators:    Robert Macias, robert_gtgf@yahoo.com 
                                               Jackie Moreno, jmoreno@galenaparkisd.com           
Retreat Supply Coordinators:      Adam Schlegel, a.p.schlegel@gmail.com 
                                               June Collymore, collymorejm@aol.com                    
Social Coordinator:                    Lynette Henley, jzlynnie@gmail.com  
Music Coordinator:                    Ben Lintag, bennylint@gmail.com 

Core Team Meetings are the Second Sunday of every month at 11:30 AM in FLC Room 203.
Meetings are open to all ACTS members. 

Upcoming Retreats

Women's Retreat: February 1-4, 2018
Missioned by St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Director: Melissa Ornelas
Thank you to all who joined or supported us!
A huge thank you to St. Joseph's in Baytown for missioning our parish.

Men's Retreat: September 27-30, 2018
Christian Renewal Center, Dickinson TX
Director: James Broussard
Download the Men's Retreat Registration Form below.